Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chard and radishes from Blue Moon Farm, Urbana, IL
So - last weekend's Market was warm and sunny, but it was also WINDY as all get out. Still, thousands of you came out to see what was going on. Thanks for making the Market part of your Saturday morning ritual!
This week, you can expect:
- asparagus
- salad mix
- bok choi
- green onions
- cabbage
- lettuce
- spinach (maybe)
- radishes
- chard
- kale
- rhubarb
- strawberries!!!
- fresh herbs
- certified organic plant starts
- goat cheese
- locally-raised eggs and meat (including duck meat and chemical-free hotdogs at the Moores'!)
- bagels! Yep - Stewart the Bagel Guy is back in business
- other 100% legal "indie" baked goods
- flowers and plants
- art and crafts from local artisans
Book signing this week: I mentioned this awhile back - this week we'll have Joe McFarland, one of the authors of Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States, coming in this Saturday from 9-11 at the City tent to sign and sell copies of this gorgeous (and useful) book. You can pick up a signed copy of the book for the special Market rate of just $20! Don't miss it!
Sprouts at the Market: Our food and farm program for kids ages 4-10 kicks off its 2009 series next weekend - Jen Hewitt is back to lead these workshops that are designed to get kids interested in local food and farms. There'll be four Sprouts events this year, and kids 10 and under completing all four events (they're happening in May, July, August, and October) will receive a free Sprouts at the Market t-shirt! We'll also have shirts for sale, so even if your Sprout can't make it for all four events, they can still sport some gear. Look for more info about this year's Sprouts events early next week here on the blog, or you can consult the Sprouts page on the City site or Facebook. See the sidebar for links.
A couple of other reminders:
**** Dogs are allowed at the Market, but they must be on short leashes and their best behavior. Please clean up after your dog promptly. Thanks!
**** Smoking is not permitted within the perimeter of the Market.
Last, but not least - complimentary coffee is back at the Market this week, thanks to generous support by Hanford Inn & Suites on North Cunningham in Urbana. Thanks, Hanford Inn & Suites!
OK, then. Don't let the possibility of a little rain scare you - get those umbrellas out and come see us!

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