Thursday, September 9, 2010

Market #20

I can see the end of the season from here. Ten Markets ago, it was late June, and eight weeks from now, we'll be having our last hurrah (November 6, for those not in the know). Doesn't seem possible, does it?

But the apples are here in force, so that means fall is on the horizon.

Don't count summer out, though - tomatoes and peppers and summer squash are still in control; there's been sweet corn and there will be more sweet corn; stone fruit is still findable if you know where to look; the pavement at the Market will still heat up when the sun comes out.

This week: Eat Here will be in the house - stop by the EH tent (right next to the City tent) to check out farmer photos, get some information about Eating Here wherever you are, pick up some credit/debit/LINK tokens to spend in the Market, and - extra bonus! - pick up a FREE Eat Here t-shirt or tote bag, while supplies last. Let's keep supporting the local food scene! You can follow along with Eat Here on Facebook.

Next week: Sprouts at the Market! Bring your kids to "eat a rainbow" with the U of I's Family Resiliency Center! More details in our next blog entry, but this one should be a great one...

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