Friday, October 31, 2008

Market at the Square, Week 26

Many thanks to everyone who came out for last week's Market at the Scare! It was chilly and damp, but we saw a lot of really excellent costumes. Next year's event will be a real bash, I think. For photos from last week, head over here.
Chef Alisa has been writing excellent Market updates for Smile Politely - this week's column is no exception. There's a great photo of carrots - and YOU HAVE NOT LIVED until you've had carrots from the Market. look for them from several produce vendors, most of who are still hanging out at the Market.

There is a preponderance of squash at the Market, too. Shapes, sizes, flavors abound... but what the heck does one do with these late fall jewels? Fear not -
Culinate has some answers.
OK. This week's Market is the next-to-last Market for the 2008 season.
:: sob::
Before taking this job, you see, I was a weekly-without-fail-the-postman-has-nothing-on-me attendee of the Market, and I was always very sad when it closed for the season. Helming the Market hasn't made a bit of difference in that regard - I'm still going to miss it - but I also get to start planning for 2009 in earnest, which is cool but requires a break. So, for all you Market addicts, here's something to keep you going:
Market at the Square will open for the 2009 season (and begin partying like it's 1979, since it's turning 30 and all) on SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2009. I'll write a little more about what's in store for 2009... after November 8, 2008.

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