Friday, October 3, 2008

Of Note For This Weekend

Don't forget the Bike Rodeo this weekend - support bike safety for kids and stop by the Rodeo on your way in. If you have kids, consider riding in on your bikes! There's bike parking on Lincoln Square Village's south and east sides so you can park and shop.

There will be corn this weekend. Not a lot, but corn nevertheless. I recommend coming early.

Craft vendor Mary Finch, whose wares are found in Row Two, will be selling at the Market for the last time tomorrow - after thirty seasons in the business, she figures it's time to retire. She's been with the Market since it began in 1979 and could probably tell a story or two (or three, or four...). Stop by and wish her well!

WILL's chef-in-residence, Doyle Moore, will be "in residence" at WILL's booth at the Market this weekend from 9-11. If there's something you've always wanted to ask him - now's your chance!

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