Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lucky Week Thirteen

Peak produce season is here with a gorgeous, colorful vengeance.

The list is too long to post, but let it be said that unless it's an early-season item (like strawberries or asparagus) or a late-season item (like butternut squash), it's at the Market, and it's AWESOME. I will say that I haven't seen much on the melon front yet - a few central IL cantaloupes were around last weekend, but that could change this weekend.

Also, with luck, the Owenses (they do the flowers at the north end of Row 2) will have some tuberose, whose scent mixed with the smell of ripe cantaloupe totally epitomizes summer Market mornings for me.

Seriously, you guys, we are so lucky to have such beautiful food and flowers grown right here, in our midst. SO. LUCKY.
Also at the Market this weekend - we're sold out for vendors, so look for an abundance of awesome handmade art and craft items this weekend too - photography, glassware, textiles, wood items, jewelry, leather goods, etc. Baked goods and prepared foods (including the much-loved Veggie Trails folks, who were absent last week) will also be there to quell your hunger pangs (I know I couldn't make it through the morning without getting a few little tasty morsels from around the Market). I'm also pretty sure we'll have a host of performers busking and entertaining Market-goers.
We have our third Sprouts at the Market event this weekend - kids ages 3-8 will get to "eat their colors" all over the Market, and probably get to meet some farmers in the process, too. If you have questions about the event, stop by the Sprouts tent (next to the City tent) and we can help you out. Many thanks to the farmers for their produce donations. Their future customers appreciate it!
Don't forget - we have Market shirts in men's and women's sizes (American Apparel shirts, so they're sized to fit), and, with luck, we'll be restocked on our heavy-duty recycled canvas Market tote bags. Shirts are a mere $9 and the bags are a steal at $8. We'll have them on display at the City tent.
Oh - here's this week's Market Menu - I show the merch off here:

See you out there!

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