Friday, June 17, 2011

Better Late Than Never

We've been so busy watching the skies and the radar that we forgot to post. This is the most weather-affected Market we've seen in several years.

So. It might rain for the Market. It might not. Do you come to the Market when it rains? Would you come if you knew the season's first peaches would be there, all the way from southern Illinois? You'd have to come early to snag them. Mmm. Peaches.

Sprouts at the Market is on for tomorrow, unless it's raining cats & dogs (chard & broccoli?) at 8:30 AM, in which case we'll have to cancel. We're calling it "Market 101" - it's dedicated to explaining to the younger set what "local" and "seasonal" and "organic" mean, and why fruits and veggies rule so much. Heck, their caregivers might learn something, too! It's free and runs from 9 AM - 11 AM - just look for the 4 small stations inside the Market displaying Sprouts' chick symbol, or register at the Sprouts tent at the NW entrance to the Market.

Our community groups area is a work in progress. We want YOU to hang out there. We've added some seating - all the better to hang out and chat with friends while you much on your Cravetruck waffle and read information from one of the many community organizations visiting us on Market days. Yes - community organizations and waffles are two great tastes that will, we hope, go great together. Cravetruck will be located at the south end of the westernmost row of the Market. Community groups like, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, REGAP, the Land Connection, and several other groups will be there to inform and educate our community. Please pay them a visit!

A few photos from last weekend to whet your appetite:

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