Thursday, June 23, 2011

Solstice Week

Summer Solstice has come and gone, but we like to think it's still with us for the next couple of weeks, with the later sunsets and the early sunrises. Summer's here, and things are finally getting going.

We're expecting decent weather this weekend - which is big news - but the REAL news is that summer produce is working its way into the Market. There were peaches last weekend. Luscious, yummy peaches.

You know it's summer when the peaches show up. It's only going to get peachier from here on out, too, so consult your cookbooks (or fire up the Google) for dessert recipes and jam recipes. Or... just eat them plain. Plain is good.

Also spotted last weekend:

By the way - the zipper pulls on those pouches, made by artisan Jennifer Phillips, say "Market Money". What better place to keep your cash or Market tokens?

This weekend's programming is another Art at the Market event - this time, local artist David Black will be working with patrons of all ages to make recycled paper. The workshop is free, no registration is required, and the workshop goes from 8 AM - noon. The tent's location is TBA - please check in at the City tent at the NW entrance to the Market for details on Saturday.

Community groups in residence this weekend: One-To-One Mentoring, ACLU, Eastern Illinois Foodbank, U of I's Entomology folks (all about pollinators!), Champaign County Democrats, Vet Med, and several others. Please swing through the row at the westernmost end to see what these community organizations are up to.

See you out there!

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