Thursday, July 7, 2011


After last Saturday's swelter, it'll be nice to get back to plain old summery this weekend, won't it?

So. It's time for peaches.

You get the idea. 

Peaches are perfect for crumbles and cobblers and pies and ice cream and shortcake and jamming and, you know, just eating plain. They're also in season, finally, and our growers who carry peaches, like Cary's Garden of Eatin' and Mileur Orchard and Sager Farms already have peaches at the Market, while others like Kleiss Produce, Eberlin's Orchard, and Murray's Orchard will have peaches very soon, possibly this weekend and almost certainly by next weekend. Some ideas for what to do with all those peaches can be found here.

Other produce of note include berries, summer squash, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, fresh herbs, and much more. It's not likely we'll have sweet corn this weekend thanks to the cool and damp spring, but you never know. Don't forget the meats, cheese, eggs, fresh-made farmstand gelato, and honey, either!

CraveTruck will be at the Market this weekend - also look for breakfast sandwiches from Fryer Tuck, kettle corn, iced coffee and teas from ArtMart, and tons of baked goods from local bakers - pie, cupcakes, rolls, breads, pastries, and more. 

It's a feast out there, you guys.

Community organizations hanging with us this weekend: UP Center, AWARE, Eastern Illinois Foodbank, Illinois Club, Sierra Club, CIMIC, Campus Middle School For Girls, Habitat For Humanity, and several others. These folks know what's going on in our communities and want to tell you about it - please take a stroll through their area on the west end of the Market and find out what's happening around here.

It's a glorious part of the season, the weather's fine, and the fresh food is the best you can buy anywhere, not to mention the only place you can buy it directly from the person who grew it other than the farm itself. Supporting your local growers and entrepreneurs is easy - and delicious. 

We'll see you out there - don't forget the sunscreen!

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