Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Trifecta

First of all? It's going to be hot. There's no way around it. We provides water at our tent, but if you're coming to the Market for an extended visit, you might want to bring your own water, too. A hat and some sunscreen wouldn't hurt, either. Things will really start warming up after 9 AM, so come early if you can.

It'll be worth it, for...

...the Holy Trinity of Summer has arrived. For the next bunch of weeks we'll have all three, but starting right now - July -  to mid-August? The absolute, ultra-peak time for peaches, sweet corn, and tomatoes. Maybe even in the same meal. Probably not the same dish.

Other produce: berries galore, summer squashes and zucchini, cucumbers, onions, garlic, carrots, peppers, beans, lettuces, beets, okra, potatoes, cabbage, and much more. You'll get the best feel for what's at the Market if you shop all the rows - don't miss a trick.

Of course, great companions to these showpieces of the Market include the other farm-raised foods - the meats, the cheeses, the farmstead gelato, the honey, and the eggs. And no table would be complete without fresh flowers - the glads are in and we wouldn't be surprised to see some tuberose in the mix this weekend, but it's not for certain.

Prepared foods: CraveTruck will be offering up fresh street waffles in the SE corner of the Market. Fryer Tuck will be providing their delicious breakfast sandwiches, among other things, in the same area. Bakeries located throughout the Market will be selling pies, cupcakes, breads, cookies, pastries, cakes, and other lovely things. Pasta Alley offers up handmade pasta in Row 4. Barb's Jams & Jellies sells those things and more in Row 5. The Moo Mobile will be selling  ice cream ("breakfast ice cream" is big at our house in the summer) in Row 5 and the kettle corn will be in Row 3, as always.

Artisans visiting this week will offer photography, glass, jewelry, leatherwork, woodwork, soap, textiles, and more. Beautiful work from local artists is a Market staple.

Community groups, now located on the west side of the Market, come to let everyone know what's happening in our community. This week, our visitors include the Urbana Business Association, the UP Center, AWARE, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, Urbana Park District, Amasong, the Champaign County Forest Preserve, and several others. These groups have much to offer - news, volunteer opportunities, and much more. 

The next Art at the Market event is July 30, and the next Sprouts event - all about corn - is August 13. We'll see you out there!

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