Thursday, October 20, 2011

Final Push

Our last day is Saturday, November 5, from 7 AM - noon. The Urbana Business Association's Holiday Market gets underway at Lincoln Square on Saturday, November 12, and runs through Saturday, December 17. More info here
The end of the outdoor Market season is peeking at us. 

The weather this week has been blustery and wet and downright cold after such a hot summer and a few mini-blasts of warmer weather these past few weeks. It feels good to report we're getting a reprieve for Saturday's Market. It'll be cool, especially in the morning, but the wind will die down and the skies will be sunny and things will be dry. Oh, and there'll be food. Lots and lots of food.

Last weekend was terrific - very busy, lots of patrons. We're hoping for the same this weekend, because the real revelation right now, food-wise, is the cooler-weather produce. Last weekend we saw beautiful heirloom tomatoes (ripened during that last warm spell) Misato and Daikon radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, an amazing array of squash, potatoes, onions, kales... it was incredibly colorful, especially when you added the peppers, leeks, apples, beets, and cabbages. This week you can add carrots to the mix, and you might even run across some Brussels sprouts and a few other surprises. There's nothing like loading up your Market shopping bag* with gorgeous, fresh, local produce and doing something warm and bakey or soupy or stewy with it later. It really is the season to fire up that oven.

* We have just a few Market bags left. 100% recycled cotton canvas, very sturdy, very roomy, and a steal at $15. When they're gone, they're gone, and they won't be available again until May 2012, and they may not be this design! If you've been procrastinating, we recommend stopping by the City tent and snagging one ASAP! See here:

The Market has grown smaller in response to the cold - we lose vendors to weather - so if you're looking for someone, they may actually be at the Market, just in another location. Check with the staff at the City tent - they can help you out.

Part of this consolidation has been the relocation of the community groups to the east side of the Market. Their ranks have thinned as well, but this weekend you'll see CIMIC, CU Folk & Roots Festival, the Urbana Business Association, and several others. Also in Row 5 - Candide Roasteries and the Crave Truck, both of which will warm you right up.

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