Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's hard not to feel good when the weather forecast is so utterly wonderful for the second Market of October. We ask you - what's not to like?

Last weekend was sunny, too, though not nearly as warm. Have a look:

It was a lovely day, despite the chill. You'll be seeing fall produce similar to what you're seeing above - potatoes, gourds & pumpkins, peppers, salad and other greens, cabbage, tomatoes (larger ones - the smaller ones are on their way out), some melons, beans (string, edamame, and others), eggplant, tomatillos, radishes, apples and pears, and probably a few surprises. Last week was the final week for Schottman's sweet corn, and while we could still see some corn from Kleiss Produce, as of this writing we're just not sure. You'll have to come see.

When you do visit, you'll notice a few changes at the Market. This time of year, we tend to lose vendors due to iffy weather and lack of produce, so we consolidate the Market to avoid big gaps in space. This weekend, our community organizations will be located in Row 5 (that's the row closest to Vine Street) along with Candide Roasteries and the CraveTruck, and will be located there through the end of the season. Vendors you may have visited in Row 5 will be in other locations within the Market - please ask the staff at the City tent if you're having trouble locating someone! Community organizations in attendance this weekend include Champaign County Democrats, the U of I Physics van, NAMI, Campus Middle School For Girls, Sierra Club, and others. Remember - Row 5!

This weekend features our final Sprouts at the Market event of the season. We usually work with the Eastern Illinois Foodbank on this event every October, and this season is no exception. Our event this year is called "Helping Your Peeps" and is all about teaching kids how the Foodbank works and who it serves. There'll be activities, a story about Dan the Can, and giveaways, including a Sprouts at the Market tote bag, while supplies last. The event goes from 9-11 AM. Next weekend - U-Cycle in the house!

We hope you add the Market to your must-do list this weekend - it promises to be lovely and lots of fun!

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