Thursday, July 19, 2012

Height of Summer

It's here. The middle of summer, those days when the sky is brassy and it refuses to rain and the insects whine during the day and it's just plain hot out, like let's-immerse-ourselves-in-a-swimming-pool kind of hot, is here. And actually, it feels like it's been here for awhile already. 

Lo, here's just a sampling of what you can find at the Market this time of year.

That's not even including the amazing stone fruit, tomatoes, cukes, and summer squash. And beans. And onions. And... well, everything. This is the time of year when everything's around

We anticipate a warm, but not heat-advisory warm, day on Saturday. In fact, the low Friday night is forecast to be a "chilly" 61 degrees and frankly, we think the day is going to be absolutely sunny and perfect.

GOOD NEWS: Schottman Sweet Corn, from Effingham, IL, will be at the Market this weekend. It's been dry this summer, as you know, so sweet corn has been slow in coming from those folks, but you'll see their truck at the south end of the Market in the third row, just like always.

SPECIAL EVENT: It'll be a great day for Sprouts at the Market, which starts at 9 and runs continuously until 11. 

The focus this month is on nutrition, so there'll be lots of tasting at the tables. Kids will receive bonus MyPlate stickers and temporary tattoos for visiting all the Sprouts tables, plus a Sprouts certificate good for a discount at Art Mart Toys all day. The Sprouts tent will be located by the City tent and the Chambanamoms tent at the NW entrance to the Market.

We're really looking forward to being at the Market this weekend in slightly cooler temps. Make sure you make us your first stop on a busy Saturday!

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