Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peaking Long, Peaking Strong

We've entered peak season at the Market. It's when we have the most farm-raised food at the Market, the most art, the most prepared food, the most people, the most activities, etc. This time of year at the Market is, well, THE MOST.

Here are some scenes from last week, in case you missed it in its not-quite-as-sweltering glory. There were a lot of scenes - click on them to enlarge!

Things will look much the same this weekend, only with more of everything. More melons (not just watermelons, but lovely cantaloupes and honeydews from Kleiss Produce), more corn, more tomatoes (LOTS of heirlooms), more peaches, more gorgeous vegetables (o, the peppers!). It's outdoor feasting season. There is so much food. We were just talking in the office about how we need to gorge ourselves and/or preserve what we have available locally, because even though it's hot and things are abundant, the season is relatively short, and this summer's dicey weather has made things even more uncertain. EAT LOCAL FOOD, PEOPLE! It tastes SO good.

The Market will be humming with other activity this weekend too:

Urbana Land Arts will be doing the art workshop for Saturday's Art at the Market event from 8-noon. Anyone of any age can participate! Live music will be provided near the Arts tent by the Michael Fenoglio Trio from 9:30 - 11:30, and Einstein's Bagels will be providing self-serve iced coffee at our beverage tent, free of charge, while supplies last. Look for all the action near the NW entrance to the Market.

See you there!

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