Thursday, August 16, 2012

Forecast: Perfect (Again)

A pretty serious thunderstorm is raging outside as this is being written (it's Thursday afternoon), but the weather will be straight-up awesome by the time Saturday morning rolls around, just like it was last weekend. Evidence:

It was just a great Market day - the finest this season so far. The produce was gorgeous, people lingered over food-truck breakfasts - there really isn't a better way to spend a Saturday morning, especially when the weather's good. 

Fortunately, we can expect more of the same this weekend. To welcome returning U of I students, faculty, and staff, there will be more gorgeous produce, more food truck breakfasts, beautiful arts & crafts, performers, community organizations, and Sprouts at the Market, which this weekend will focus on the mighty tomato. The event is continuous from 9-11 AM, and is geared toward kids ages 3-8. Art Mart Toys will honor all certificates of completion (every kid who visits all the Sprouts stations will receive one) for a 25% discount in the store on Saturday, too! It's win/win for the kids. For more info about Sprouts this weekend (and future weekends), click here.

It's just looking good, friends. Hope to see you out there this weekend!