Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Eats, Summer Reads

We were so busy last weekend that nary a photograph was taken, unfortunately. Well, there was one - of gorgeous, fabulously-scented tuberose from the Oosterhoffs:

It's the busy season at the Market, and this weekend will be no exception (although we'll try much harder to get some photos taken). You won't find a wider variety of fresh food at the Market than in August, so best grab an extra shopping bag before you leave the house. That extra bag might be just for sweet corn and tomatoes.

Fear not - if you get hungry while you're visiting us, you're in luck - we'll have quite the array of food trucks in Row 5, including the Crave Truck (EDIT: Crave Truck won't be with us this weekend, but will return 8/11!), the Moo Mobile, Burrito King's truck, and the brand-new Cracked truck. Fryer Tuck's with us, too, located at the south end of the row, along Illinois Street. YUM.

This is also happening, along with visits from the Urbana Free Library and the Urbana Business Association:

Writer (and Jill of many kitchen/food trades) Janine MacLachlan will be at the Market this Saturday to shop, talk farmers' markets with patrons, and sign copies of her new book, Farmers' Markets of the Heartland,  published by the U of I Press. She'll be near the NW entrance at the Market from 9:30-11:30, and she'll be ready to chat with you. Come visit and have a look at her book if you haven't seen it - your local market is prominently featured in the "Illinois" section, but if you're from other midwestern states, you might find a market or two that you know featured in the book as well. We're lucky to have her - don't miss!


Janine at Rustic Kitchen said...

Can't wait to see everyone and say hello to your fantastic vendors!

Unknown said...
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John Parker said...

I liked the market experience. Fresh air, fresh food, and exercise. Perfect Rx for a chef always on the eat.