Friday, July 25, 2008

Easy Like Saturday Morning

There's something about the entire Market at the Square experience - and yes, it's an experience, especially if you come for the food and hang around for whatever transpires between the organic salad mix and the Moo-Mobile - that makes it just like a huge special event, only it happens every weekend for 27 weeks, has free admission, AND gently encourages activities one might not run into at a one-time festival or other event.

What kind of activities, you ask?

How about buying food from local growers, supporting your local economy and your local grower in the process (not to mention developing a closer relationship with your food, reveling in its color and freshness)?

Plums from Meyer Produce, Villa Grove, IL

You can purchase wares from many local artisans (again, supporting that local economy and getting something one-of-a-kind, to boot):

Batik by Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks (back at the Market August 16)

Local musicians come and perform for patrons, free of charge:

Gypsy Soul performs at the Market

Throw in the various and sundry community groups that come to inform and educate, PLUS the chances you'll run into someone you know that you haven't seen for awhile and will want to catch up with AND excellent people-watching... and you have yourself an awesome, community-oriented, not business-as-usual venue to take yourself (and your family, friends, etc) for breakfast, coffee, entertainment, conversation and, of course, fresh produce, all summer long and well into the fall.

Hope you can join us this weekend - the
weather's looking mostly decent and the produce is in full swing!

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