Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shop Five Rows!

We're gearing up for an excellent Market tomorrow - see Alisa DeMarco's wonderful piece in yesterday's Smile Politely for some ideas regarding what to do with all the dang food that's out there, especially poultry.

Just a quick note, too, to encourage you shoppers to shop all five rows of the Market! There's produce in all five rows this year, and while the first two rows near the Market entrances house some produce vendors who've been at this for decades (!) now, there are so many "new" folks in the other rows selling top-notch produce, meats, cheeses, art and crafts, and baked goods that it would be a shame to miss them. While some producers didn't return this year (Where are you, Bison Guy?), new ones (bagels in Row 5! Rain barrels in Row 4!) have stepped up to make the Market an even more diverse, educational, and entertaining Saturday destination.

Stop by the City tent for a site map (new ones generated weekly) or just to say hi - we love to answer questions and accept feedback.

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