Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Corn O' Mine

Potatoes from Roth Countryside Produce, near Peoria, IL

The first sweet corn of the season will be in full effect at the Market tomorrow.

Sure, the forecast might have a teensy-tiny little bit of rain in it, but don't let that stop you - the Market is bursting at the seams with excellent fresh & local produce. This week also heralds a headlong rush into stone fruit season, with peaches and nectarines in abundance. We're starting to see potatoes and green beans in greater supply, too, so make sure you come and get yours for the week's eating. Don't forget your eggs, meats, and goat cheese, if you eat them - we have the best selection and highest quality around.

A reminder: If you ever have any questions about how something was raised or made, ask your farmer/vendor - they're there to answer your questions.

Bring an umbrella, just in case - we'll see you there, dressed for the weather (whatever it is).

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