Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Suggestions!

Keep 'em coming.

In the meantime, some answers to reader comments on my last post:

@lisa, re: the baskets - good call. I'll put the word out and see if I can entice someone here for next season.

Re: port-a-pots - doubtful we'll get those, due to huge expense for delivery and lack of storage (the lot is used as a regular parking lot M-F, so I'd have to get them in/out every week for 28 weeks), but here's a tip: City Hall, right across Vine Street, is open on Saturdays and the bathrooms are way better than serviceable. No need to head over to the gas station!

@amelia, re: cilantro - I love fresh cilantro, so feel your pain. Cilantro bolts easily in warm weather, though, so it's not really available locally during the height of summer. Look for it to start reappearing as our days get shorter and cooler. I'll call some growers this week and see if it's going to be back on the availability list anytime soon.

@rumblebrumble, re: battery recycling tubs - done! Bring your batteries to the City tent (the orange one at the Market's northwest entrance) and we'll take things from there.

@anna maria, re: rapini, cilantro, parsnips, loose cabbage, etc: all that stuff is coming back into season, so hunt around the Market in the coming weeks. I'll check and see if anyone is growing the kinds of cabbage you desire (I know Tomahnous Farm might have had some earlier this season) - check back!

Re: the flower guy - I know who you're talking about, and I've already been working on him. I don't have a firm commitment, but last time we spoke he mused about coming this fall. I'll keep you posted.

I'm loving the feedback... more, please.

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Molly said...

I just bought cilantro from Blue Moon last Saturday (8/30). Maybe it sold out early? I was there before 9:00.