Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here it Comes

Gearing up for Saturday's Market - this year's 19th! Because I have no self-restraint where the weather's concerned, I've been checking the forecast a bit obsessively - and the weather's looking a bit on the uncooperative side for Saturday, I'll admit. However, let's accentuate the positive:

- it doesn't look like constant rain
- it won't be freezing cold
- free coffee from Eastland Suites
- there won't be gale-force winds
- Papa George will have kabobs
- folks from WILL AM/FM/TV will be there - maybe even a meteorologist, so you can take it up with them!

Just kidding, WILL meteorologists.

You can find a full product list and scads of other information about this week's Market here (uploaded Fridays).

Also, you have to check out this blog by Michelle Ryan, a local radio personality who's trying her hand at the eating completely local thing - mostly from weekly trips to the Market - and is talking about it on the air as well as blogging about it. She's on WLRW/94.5 in the mornings. So far, she's REALLY making it work for her. If you're at the market and you see someone lugging around huge bags of produce hanging out with a person carrying a notebook and calculator? That's Michelle and her friend/accountant Bettina. Stop her and say hello - she LOVES talking about what she's doing!

I'll post soon about the plethora of programming for kids we'll have in October - there'll be the 2nd Annual Bike Rodeo on October 4, another edition of Sprouts at the Market on October 18, and we just might be bringing back the Market's costume party this year on the 25th. Stay tuned!

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Lisa said...

I missed the kabobs! Boo hoo. But I did get a bunch of other great stuff, including the Pasta Alley pasta, which I hadn't tried before. Then we went and visited Stan's (Triple S) farm in Stewardson. Good day.