Friday, September 5, 2008

Tomorrow = Market #18 Already. Sheesh.

Market Facts:

  • One can still find peaches and nectarines at the Market. Corn, too.
  • The MooMobile is officially gone until next year. Boo.
  • Fryer Tuck's uses Stan the Meat Man's (aka Triple S) sausage in its sausage and egg sandwiches.
  • A local radio personality is eating 100% locally, mostly from the Market, for three weeks*.
  • The Urbana Free Library comes to the Market every first Saturday of the month during the season.
  • Market site maps are available every week at the City of Urbana tent.
  • Got batteries to recycle? We can take them at the City of Urbana tent.
  • The Market LOVES social networking tools. Follow us on Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook - see links in the sidebar to the right.
  • Various and assorted personalities from WILL radio and TV will be out at the Market starting 9/13.
  • There is excellent free musical entertainment at the Market every weekend.
  • There will be special stuff for kids at the Market in October - the Second Annual Bike Rodeo, another edition of Sprouts at the Market, and the return of Pumpkinfest!
*As we shift gears into the fall season, I find myself wondering where the summer went, just like everyone else,'s been cool to mark time by produce seasonality. I've always been into the idea, but running the Market (or, uh, having the Market run YOU) almost requires following a different kind of calendar - the kind that's governed by what people are getting off their trees and plants or out of the ground. That's why I think it's awesome that Michelle Ryan, the 9 AM - 2 PM DJ on Mix 94.5/WLRW, is trying her hand at being a locavore for a few weeks. Lend her your support... and recipes!

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