Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Like Baked Goods? Something You Should Know

This is something affecting Market at the Square directly:

On another issue, Roberts said he has clarified local regulations pertaining to home-baked goods sold at farmer's markets. No longer will pies, cookies, cakes and other products produced in a kitchen lacking a valid health permit be allowed to be sold at farmers' markets, flea markets or roadside markets.
Thoughts? Comments?


Clint Popetz said...

Hell hath no fury like a scone-lover scorned.


Jason said...

Is there a kitchen in the area available for shared use by people in the community that would want to produce food for sale at places like the market or local shops? I'm thinking of something like a shared rented commercial kitchen, or a kitchen incubator.

Lisa said...

How many vendors will this affect?

Does this include the one-time sales like the Middle School for Girls, too?

Market at the Square said...

Clint: Hee!

Jason: I'm working on that. There may be some possibilities.

Lisa: This will directly affect at least 7 vendors from last year, plus a couple new vendors who were looking into attending the Market this year. Some of these vendors were Market faves, too - they would definitely be missed.

jill said...

Maybe there can be a "Black Market by the Square." All the bakers can lurk in a nearby alley (Crane? Cherry?) selling their illegal cookies.

James said...

Nice that HD is putting a few more people out of work! I really like the Black MATS idea, alot.

Lisa said...

It's just such short notice. No one could make arrangements (especially in this economy) to build a commercial kitchen in their home.

In the WCIA story, the Erwins (one of my fav stops) mention that they've already bought supplies for the summer that they will not be able to use.

I do like the black MATS idea, but hope the shared kitchen idea will work somehow. Our church's kitchen isn't able to be certified (so we can't advertise a dinner like some do), but many in the area are. I can't imagine that most of these wouldn't be willing to figure out a schedule for bakers to come in and just cover the utility expenses. I'm sure other community groups have suitable kitchens. Make the HD work overtime getting them all a license before MATS opens!

Let us know if we can do something to get that word out to area groups we know of with kitchens.

Amy said...

Yes, Lisa, please keep us posted! I was looking forward to becoming a first time vendor this summer and am disappointed that I won't be able to spread some cupcake love at MATS.

Lisa said...

I can't believe this! I think it's ridiculous and I'm sick about it! Arrggh!

Larbo said...

Ah, once again we can thank the fine folks at the Health Department for protecting us from food!

I love the idea of a Black Market Somewhere Near the Square. I've been thinking for years that we need a guide to the underground food economy, something that would tell you where to find food that the Health Department doesn't want you to eat, how to work around the HD's regulations, etc.

For example, instead of "selling" baked goods at the market, would people be able to get away with the Amish tactic of asking for "donations" instead?