Monday, April 20, 2009

Opening Day = Less Than 2 Weeks Away

... and home-baked goods are still banned from the Market. Last week was harsh.

Anna Barnes, a local who knows about all things food, writes today about this issue for Smile Politely. If you feel strongly in either direction about this, I encourage you to leave some feedback somewhere - at the article, on Twitter, or on Facebook (see sidebar for links to those last two).

To achieve certified status and comply with the new guidelines, home bakers would have to install a three-compartment sink with three-foot drainboards on either side. (Note: Champaign County is the only county in Illinois to require this.) Depending upon the design of their homes, they may have to install an entirely separate kitchen, or use/rent a restaurant or other certified kitchen in off hours. Some in the community have already begun to reach out: Harold Allston of The Great Impasta has generously offered his kitchen to the market's home bakers for use between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on Saturdays, and more are sure to follow. And while this will work for the majority of baked goods — cookies, muffins, scones, pies, and short-rise breads — it isn't compatible for long-rise artisan breads. And, in Alexandra's case, it isn't compatible with her bedtime.


Amanda said...

Good for The Great Impasta for stepping up and helping out. I am disappointed that this will keep some vendors from participating in the farmer's market.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that the Great Impasta is helping out like that.

GH said...

I'm distressed at this new rule. One of the *primary* reasons I go to the market week after week is the local array of bakers and others who offer baked goods--from Stewart's incredible bagels to Dan Erwin's *remarkable* Russian bread ("The Upper Crust"). Please let us know if there's a bigger role that FM supporters can provide to get them back in the market.

Market at the Square said...

Hey, all:

Please go to the Smile Politely article and read through the comments for more information!

mleigh said...

GH....This is not a "new" rule that the CUPHD just created. This is an IDPH regulation that, in my opinion, was not enforced by the previous administrator (Vito) of the CUPHD. We all love the baked goods at the FM. They just need to make sure that they are prepared in a "certified" kitchen. This is for the health, safety and well being of the entire community.

GH said...

MLeigh, Correct. Let me restate: I'm distressed at the new enforcement of this rule.

Many rules and laws are inept, unnecessary, or unreasonable. One immediate concern with a rule that *isn't* new but someone decides to enforce is why it hasn't been and why it suddenly seems to be absolutely necessary to enforce. PLease offer data in support of your seemingly moralized claim that "They just need to make sure that they are prepared in a "certified" kitchen. This is for the health, safety and well being of the entire community."
Anna Barnes has made some good arguments; it would be smart to respond to them, rather than a rhetorical error (new rule vs. old rule that suddenly needs enforcement) on my part.