Friday, April 24, 2009

One Week Out

Folks planting at O'Rourke Family Gardens in Downs, IL

We're a week out from the opening day of the Market's 2009 season, and as if on cue, the weather has greatly improved. Thank goodness, because last winter was TOO LONG.

While the produce situation was looking rather slow a couple of weeks ago, there will definitely be asparagus, some greens, radishes, mushrooms, and a few other yummy things from the ground at the May 2 market. I encourage you to ask your farmer what their timeline is in terms of other spring foods - rhubarb, strawberries, peas, and later spring greens should be here by the end of May, which really isn't that far away.

Regarding home-baked goods at the Market: These items are still on the "no" list, but I should have an update next week regarding the status of some of your favorite home bakers - I know several are looking into alternative baking sites so they can continue to provide everybody with the baked goods they've come to know, love, and expect over the years. Check back again in a few days - I should have something for you.

In the meantime - get thee to Prairie Fruits Farm to take advantage of their on-farm sales and breakfast for one last weekend. It's not just about award-winning goat cheese, either (though if it was, that'd be OK, too) - it's about seasonal, fresh produce, hand-spun yarn, a hot breakfast whipped up by Chef Alisa DeMarco, and BABY GOATS. Prairie Fruits Farm will be at the Market starting May 2, but the goatlets will be staying behind.

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