Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky Thirteen

I just realized that this weekend's Market is already our Lucky Thirteenth. Where's the summer gone? Jeez.

Last weekend was breathtakingly awesome - the weather cooperated, the sweet corn trucks looked like a Macy's underwear sale, and the crowd was phenomenal.

There were hula hoops:

There were big crowds of people in usually not-so-crowded places, like Row 5:

Corn, as I mentioned:

Of course, fruits and vegetables, like heirloom tomatoes, were plentiful:

And the Eastern Illinois Foodbank came by and picked up what little was left over:

These and other photos can be viewed at the Market's Flickr page. They're usually posted by Monday or Tuesday following the Saturday Market.

OK, enough about last week - it's so... last week. How about this week?

The produce situation at the Market gets a big thumbs-up. Everything you saw last week will be there this week: southern IL peaches, sweet corn, berries, eggplant, just about everything under the sun. It might be a couple more weeks before any melons are in evidence, so if they're your thing, please be patient - the cooler weather isn't helping melons along. If you're into corn, please remember two things: a) there's more corn than what you see when you walk in, so please stop by the City tent if Bob Kleiss' truck in Row One is spent - we'll tell you where there's more corn and b) that said, arrive early - before 10 AM for sure! - to get your pick. People are elbow to elbow at those trucks and, I can only assume, are buying dozens of ears to put on the grill.

Sprouts at the Market
Our second Sprouts session is happening this Saturday. This month's theme is "color families" - what can a orange vegetable or a yellow fruit do for you? The event goes from 9 AM-11 AM and is a self-guided nutrition/farm trivia tour through the Market that includes tasting of some fruits and vegetables. Kids and their carergivers can stop and sign in at any Sprouts table (look for the chick symbol!) or at the Sprouts main tent at the NW entrance to the Market (you only need to sign in once). This event is free and is open to kids of all ages, but is geared toward 4-10 year-olds. All participating kids will receive a Sprouts certificate, and Sprouts shirts will also be for sale. We'll have another event in August (all about corn) and the final Sprouts event will be in late October (healthy trick-or treat). Hope you can make it!

What else is happening?
- The much asked-about new Market t-shirt is in its final stages of design and we should have them ready very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!
- Suitable-for-framing 2009 Market posters should be for sale at the City tent this weekend - they're limited to 100, so each is numbered. They'll be just two bucks - great to send to friends who've left the area but still love the Market.

See you out there!

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Lisa said...

It's all going on at the market!

I want one of those posters for my office.