Thursday, July 16, 2009

Suddenly, Thursday

I made these at home - not for sale at the Market. Already eaten.

It's been a short week (yet long at the same time - how does that work?) so I'll be brief.

The weather Saturday looks great. 69 degrees for a high with copious sunshine? That right there inspires me to feel OK about turning on the oven or the stove to make something delicious out of local corn, berries, scads of vegetables, fruit - how about something like the tartlets above? Those were made with Market nectarines, but it was on a hot day. I'd triple the recipe on a cooler day. YUM. OK.

Variety. While the Market is an excellent place to shop and hang out all 28 weekends, peak season is extra-special. I'm not talking just about the variety in local produce, though that's impressive. Where else can you go to get the freshest produce in town, nationally-decorated goat cheese, farm-raised meat and honey, preserves, beautiful jewelry, accessories fashioned from repurposed wool sweaters, awesome woodcraft, hula hoops, vegetarian wraps, and homemade English muffins? Nowhere else.

English Muffins by Upper Crust - Illinois Street row

I'm really looking forward to this weekend's Market after being rained on the last two. Hope to see everyone -EVERYONE! - out there!

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Lisa said...

Hey, you're suddenly green! Fitting. Those tartlets looks yummy. I've had Cary's nectarines, they're wonderful (well, as is all of her farm's fruit—have been loving the peaches and berries as well).

Making special dishes this weekend for a blog event, so I'll be on the hunt for spinach, lamb, cilantro and more this Saturday.