Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's That Time Again

Meaning... it's Thursday and my to-do list for this weekend's Market is as long as my arm. It's been a short week for me anyway, so I'm going to post the Market Menu clip and probably be done with the blog for this week. Sorry about that!

Oh - a couple things, though. One: Last weekend's attendance unofficially broke an unofficial record - we had the highest number of attendees ever this early in the season. I have to think the fabulous weather for growing food and the ensuing bounty is a major reason for this. Thanks, farmers, and thanks, Mother Nature. Two: Urbana's Public Arts Coordinator Anna Hochhalter tells me about 250 people participated in last weekend's Art at the Market event - thanks so much for participating at these events while you're at the Market - it definitely adds to the fun, friendly, and SOCIAL vibe that is crucial to any event's success.

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