Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still Hot, Still Busy

What a great Market last weekend! It was hot, and a little bit crazy, but the mood was good and the food was plentiful. There will be more heat and sun this weekend, so prepare yourselves. The summer produce is moving right along despite the rain - when it alternates with sun and heat, it'll grow like gangbusters. Our problem last year was that it just rained and never really warmed up - not so much this year. The jewels of the season will be with us soon - sweet corn, tomatoes, and peaches. Setting them off will be be the green things - beans, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. O, 'tis glorious!

Some housekeeping - in the interest of getting you shoppers more involved with the vendors that supply you with... everything, I've added some links to the sidebar and will add more as I get them. Please check out these folks' sites, especially if you've never visited them at the Market. You might find some new favorites. I also recommend searching for your favorite vendors on Facebook, if you hang out on Facebook. Maybe at some point i'll create a separate list for Facebook links.

I heard, recently, that I don't write about the baked goods scene at the Market nearly enough.

Ack! I certainly didn't mean to leave anyone out. The baked goods, after the farm-grown produce, are a major attractor at the Market, probably because a) these are food items you can eat right away - no washing needed and b) in many cases, you can't get these TOTAL TREATS anywhere else. The Market works with Amish bakers, gluten-free bakers, bakers with croissants, bakers with English muffins, bakers with cinnamon rolls as big as your head, bakers with baguettes and boules... you get the idea. Do yourself a favor this weekend and grab something carby at the Market!

Here's this week's Market Menu. Sorry about the squinting.

See you out there!

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