Thursday, June 10, 2010


OK, this week has ALSO gone by incredibly quickly! I'll have to be quick.

Here's this week's Market Menu:

A little bird from deep southern IL told me that Mileur Orchard will be at the Market this weekend with a very limited supply of early peaches and apricots. There may be other stone fruits sneaking into the Market from other vendors, too - who knows? Just get there early. Another little bird told me that there will be lots of snap peas and broccoli - maybe look at Kleiss Produce and Blue Moon Farm. There are still going to be strawberries in Row 1 and Row 4. Greenhouse produce is abounding - zucchini, cucumbers, maybe even some tomatoes to go with the hydroponic tomatoes the folks at Three-D have been bringing for weeks now. And, of course, the usual array of farm-raised products (eggs, cheese, meats), baked and prepared foods, and handmade art/craft items will be in full effect.

This weekend we'll also be hosting the first-ever RECYCLIMPICS! The Market has partnered with U-Cycle, the City of Urbana's recycling program, to create an event that has fun activities for kids that get them moving and also teach them about recycling. Look for the event on Walnut Street, which is the barricaded area just to the west of the Market site.
Eat Here will also have a tent just next to the Market tent. Look for some photos of farms that supply the food sold at the Market, and pick up some information about why including the Market as one of your weekly grocery stops is tasty, fun, and a huge boost to the local economy. Look for our swanky new banners at the east and southern entrances to the Lincoln Square parking lot, too!
That should do it for now - remember, the City's new webpage for the Market is here - I hope to be adding much more to it in the coming days.
See you out there!

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