Friday, May 4, 2012

The Devil's in the Details

Furious last-minute preparations! Crossing things off lists! Sending frantic emails! Fretting about the weather! That's what's happening here today. We'll be ready in the morning, though...

Wondering what kinds of food to buy tomorrow? We advise you to bring multiple shopping bags to receive the bounty. Lots of spinach, lettuces, salad mixes, beets, radishes, baby carrots, green onions, arugula, kale, chard, and the crown jewels - the foods everyone is waiting for at the spring Markets:

Yep, farmers will have asparagus and strawberries. Maybe even some rhubarb. And flowers. And plant starts. And farm-raised meats, cheeses, honey, prepared foods/preserves, baked goods, gelato...

A vast array of artisans will also be there, weather permitting, and our community groups will be located in Row 5 this year, with the Crave Truck and other food trucks as they arrive. Look for performers scattered throughout the Market, too!

The City tent will be right in front of you if you come in at the NW entrance - THERE WILL BE NO THRU TRAFFIC rounding that corner from High to Walnut (at the corner of Health Alliance). It's a dangerous corner on Market days, so we wanted to make it safer. It'll also give us more room. Parking will not be affected - all parking spaces will still be available. If you have any questions, if you run out of cash and want to buy tokens to use in the Market with your credit, debit, or LINK card, if you need to buy a T-shirt or tote bag - we'll be right there, occasionally with programming or partner agencies, like the Urbana Business Association or the Urbana Free Library or Art at the Market or Sprouts.

OK. We have to go - so much to finish. See you out there tomorrow morning!

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CUMTD said...

Heard opening weekend was a major success! Congrats!