Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Into Gear

We were so busy on our opening day last weekend that we were only able to take twelve photos. Twelve! Check out these four:

Market-goers were clearly anxious for the 2012 Market season to begin, as they descended upon the spring food immediately and made quick work of it, especially the strawberries. There'll be more strawberries available this week, but as always, we recommend arriving at the Market early for the best selection. Asparagus will be around this week, plus some more traditional spring items like lettuces, salad greens, spinach, radishes, turnips, baby carrots, leeks, fresh herbs, etc. Plants starts will still be offered by several vendors as well, and cut flowers, too (perfect if your mom is into lovely bouquets for Mother's Day).

It actually was a great day all-around. There was sun, thousands of people, lots of food, beautiful artisanal items for sale, lots of music, and all-around good vibes. Thank you to our patrons for making it one of the best opening days in... well, ever.

Let's do it again this week!

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