Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Warmed Up

We had another fabulous Market Saturday last weekend. Honestly, the weather so far this season has been incredible, if a little on the warm side. IT IS MAY, AND IT HAS BEEN A LITTLE ON THE WARM SIDE. After last May's cool and cloudy series of Markets, this is not a bad thing.

So. We took more photos. If you want to see them in the large style, click on the images:

Shoppers can expect more of the same this weekend with warm temperatures and sunny skies and lots of strawberries. As always, it is highly recommended that you come early for the best selection of everything, especially with the warm weather. Asparagus, peas, berries, lettuces, spinach, chard, leeks, greenhouse zukes, green garlic and onions, turnips and radishes, and probably lots more will be out for your perusal this weekend. Flowers, plants, meats, goat cheese and goat's milk gelato, honey, jams and jellies, and scratch-made baked goods will also be ready to go home with you this weekend. YUM. We're telling you, it's an embarrassment of riches out there for so early in the season.

We also have tons of high-quality handmade goods being sold at the Market - we're talking jewelry, photos, soap, woodwork, candles, paintings, upcycled clothing, bags and satchels, and much more. And, as always, you'll find performers scattered throughout the Market, playing music from many genres for patron enjoyment.

Of note this weekend: Our first Sprouts at the Market event is happening from 9-11 AM. 

Our May event is always a seed-planting workshop for kids ages 3-8 - this year, sunflowers are the planting plan. Join Market staff and a cadre of volunteers as we plant seeds, talk about what the plants will look like, look at other types of seeds and the foods they grow into, and more! It's free and there's no pre-registration required. All participating kids get a Certificate of Participation, which can be used for a discount during the day at Art Mart Toys in Lincoln Square Mall. 

Next week: More details on our first Art at the Market workshop and accompanying Performance on Walnut Street series... plus a special treat! Stay tuned.

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