Friday, June 6, 2008

Recycling & Strawberries Come to the Market

Thanks to the fine folks at the City of Urbana's Public Works Department/U-Cycle, Market at the Square will have recycling bins for patron use at the Market this season. Look for them right next to the trash barrels.

As for tomorrow... theforecast is a little dicey. We know it'll be warm and breezy, but we're not so sure about the chance of rain. No matter - we're out there, rain or shine, every Saturday, and so are most of our vendors. BUT...

This Saturday several of our growers will have strawberries - lots and lots of strawberries. It's local strawberry season, which means things like shortcake and pink fingers and, for the ambitious, homemade ice cream. But it's not all strawberries, all the time - here's a list of some other fresh produce you might score tomorrow:

lettuces - spinach - radishes - turnips - green onions - asparagus - rhubarb - kohlrabi - kales - cabbage - sprouts - cilantro - sugar snap peas - swiss chard - hydroponic tomatoes - bok choy

As you can see, they're not kidding around with the produce this week, and it's looking like the other food producers will be there in force as well. I think it'll be the first week where a cook can make an entire "real" meal from food purchased at the Market. Give it a try!

More features, like links, will be added to the blog as time permits. Is there anything you'd like to see on the blog?


Cynthia said...

woo-hoooooo...sugar snap peas! Thanks for the info!

Charles Schultz said...

Those strawberries were amazing!! Wow! We polished off a quart rather quickly.

Lisa, thanks for putting up a blog to help keep us informed. Even though there was a bit of rain today, you have some die-hard vendors (and shoppers) out there. Thanks for all the hard work that you and the rest of the City of Urbana do to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

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