Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a Fabulous Weekend!

Bikes at Market at the Square, Urbana, IL

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Market this past weekend. Estimated attendance was somewhere around 6000 people... many of them riding in on bikes. Here's a photo of the full bike racks near the Market around 10 AM during the May 31st Market - look just past the tree for more bikes! Actually, the photo doesn't really do justice to the wide variety of two-wheelers we spotted that day. We welcome bikes at the Market - just remember to hitch your ride to the bike racks provided around Lincoln Square before entering the Market.

Sometimes I feel like our oft-fickle Illinois weather is really smiling on us so far this season, and last week's Market was no exception - at 7:05 AM, just after open, the last of the mildly threatening-looking clouds burned off and were replaced by incredible sunshine and some longed-for warmth. Patrons bought all manner of seasonally available produce - and this year, things are moving slowly due to the cool, wet, and cloudy spring we had - and hung around to check out the art, crafts, baked goods, performers, and prepared foods that have helped make Market at the Square one of the best markets in Illinois. I'm always looking for ideas and feedback - please drop me a line if you're so inclined.

You can find more photos of Market at the Square at our Flickr page, and if you're on Facebook, you can follow the Market there, too.

I'll be updating later this week to give a preview of what you can expect to find at the June 7 Market... and maybe I'll hint at a few surprises, too.

I do have one word to leave you with, though:



Cynthia said...

Love having this blog! When would one expect the first sugar snap peas???

Mrs. Chicken said...

The berries were to die for last week. When I get back to town in mid-June I'll be looking for peaches. MMMMMM.

*mouth waters*