Monday, June 9, 2008

There's More Where That Came From

And I'm not talking about the rain... I hope.

The June 7 Market, while quite rainy and more than occasionally ominous-looking, still had its share of raindrop-dodgers (and not-dodgers) out on the prowl for fresh, local produce, like the above chard from Blue Moon Farm in Urbana.

It's also a bumper strawberry crop in Central Illinois this year. On Saturday I bought several pints to share with Market staff, but they were timid and only finished off a solitary pint. (Can you believe?) Maybe they don't like strawberries as much as I do. Regardless, the June 14 Market will be awash in strawberries, just ahead of the Urbana Park District's Strawberry Jam in Meadowbrook Park later that afternoon. You won't be able to resist - you can smell them as you walk the five rows.

A quick note to a caller who mentioned the upside-down orientation of our site map in their message - I know it's weird, but the reason it's laid out that way is because the City tent is at the North end of the Market, which is where people usually look at the map and where staff direct people looking for something/someone specific.

Which reminds me - more information about the City tent and what you can find there will feature in this week's Market preview entry, posted Thursday.

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